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Program Policy for Attending Group While Under the Influence

State law and penal code require the participants in the batterer’s intervention program (often referred to Anger Management) attend substance free. This does not mean it is permissible to attend having ingested a "couple of beers" even though you may not be "under the influence" or intoxicated; it means substance free! Violators risk removal form the class and taking this as an absence, being tested, "probationary" status within the program, and a report to the courts/probation department or referring agency, program termination and referral for a collateral program for substance abuse treatment.

If a client for any reason is taking a prescribed or over-the-counter medication which courses side effects which could be construed as intoxication it is the client’s responsibility to notify the instructor/facilitator and provide documentation of such. If the side effects are disruptive to the group process the client should make arrangements with the prescribing physician for ingesting the medication when it will be least disruptive to participating in the group process.

If drug testing is performed (either in the form of a U/A or breathalyzer) and the outcome is positive this shall be reported immediately to the referring agency.