Yes, it ranges from $30 to $50 per classes based upon proof of household income.

Submit proof of income in the form of an EBT card, social security award letter, unemployment award letter, two months of payroll stubs or bank statement or proof of deposits, annual taxes filings or P &L, student loans/grants etc., or other credible, third party, proof.
  1. Our sliding scale for these services in built into the fee. At $125 per session/clinical hour (50 minutes) with a licensed clinician or $100 per session with a California Board of Behavioral Sciences approved Associate. We are already the low-price leader in the area where prices range from $140-$200 per session.

  2. If finances are an issue, you can always apply for services through the county for qualifying conditions (call 211 California), Placer County Children’s System of Care for children (PCCSOC) and Placer County Adult System of Care for Adults (PCSOC). Other options include calling your insurance provider, EAP, Tribal council if you qualify, the VA if you qualify, The State Attorney General’s office if you are the victim or witness to a crime or impacted by a specific as a witness or your medical, Medi -care provider.

Yes, these include:

  • Batterer’s Treatment Program, (BTP) for Domestic violence offenses
  • Parenting (endangerment, abuse, neglect etc.)
  • Co-Parenting (divorce, mediation, custody, accusations etc.)
  • Anger Management. 

We are certified in Placer, Sacramento, and Solano County and approved when authorized by your referring county or probation officer or caseworker and county of origin from anywhere in California or on of the 50 United States.

Call the office at 916-630-9188 during normal business hours  (10-5pm, M-F, excepting holidays) to schedule an intake for enrollment in classes or counseling sessions.

Typical clients are experiencing symptoms of: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, parent/child or partner relationship dysfunction, involvement with the courts or other public agencies (CPS, probation, mental health, Juvenile/Family/Criminal court), death, bereavement, addictions, divorcement, separation, isolation, blended families, personality disorders, family violence (DV), ADD/ADHD, and adjustment disorders.
  1. All individual, couple and family counseling session are performed on site and in person.

  2. Depending on where you reside, and county of origin Zoom classes are available. These are primarily available to those who immune compromised or in otherwise high-risk categories (respiratory disease/ illness, cancer treatment, distant travel, out of state employment/ moving out of area). Issues with transportation, employment, childcare and convenience are not justifiable use of Zoom (in most cases) as they are not justification to our certifying body. As Zoom is considered a temporary service by the courts during COVID restriction it is anticipated that at some point services will revert to in person only.

Either directly at the time of service in the office with a credit card, cash or money order, on-line using pay pal, or over the phone by calling the office at 916-630-9188. Some classes take “Converge” pay by credit card in class.

Batterer’s Treatment Programs (DV) classes and Anger Management classes are currently held in North Natomas, Rancho Cordova (Via Zoom at this time), North Highlands and South Sacramento (Via Zoom at this time) and in person in Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville.

Parenting and Co-Parenting classes are held in Roseville and Rocklin (with some allowance for Zoom at the time).