Affordable Counseling is a small community based behavioral and mental health service provider, established in 2004 that operates on North Central Sacramento Valley Counties Sacramento, Plaster, Yolo, Plaster, Yuba, San Joaquin, El Dorado.

Anger Management

Our 12-week and 26-week Anger Management Courses are court approved and meet the needs of parole, probation, and CPS conditions and treatment plans.

We aim to help you achieve peace in your life.

Our classes encompass:

  • Learning how to deal with stress
  • Adjusting expectations
  • Assertive communication, and so much more.

The 52-week Domestic Violence, Batterer’s Treatment Program classes that are court approved.

The major lessons we use in our workbook relate to:

  • Characteristics, causes, and consequences of Domestic Violence
  • Managing emotions
  • Building emotional relationship skills. 

Batterer’s Treatment Programs

Counseling / Therapy

We offer various forms of Therapy and Counseling that can cater to those who need grief, trauma, family, marriage, sexual abuse, anger management, reunification, or drug and alcohol abuse counseling. 

We wish to make you feel comfortable and at ease with our therapists to be able to help you progress your relationship with others and most importantly, yourself.

** Please check with your parole agent, probation officer or case manager/CPS worker to verify compliance with your referring agency.


We offer a 52-week Positive Parenting that is court approved for both criminal and family courts. The course covers the developmental stages of child development, the effects of anger or abuse in the home, and techniques for parents to learn to better raise their children.


Our 8-week course of co-parenting that is court approved course that will help you and the other parent of your child to better communicate and understand what is best for your child or children.

We want children to have the best experience possible with their parents, therefore we try to make sure both you and the other parent can find common ground.


We offer clinical supervised visits Monday – Friday.

Please call us to inquire about scheduling options and payments.

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